HEL is continually improving on water usage efficiency by using latest technologies, efficient equipment, treatment of effluents, recycling and reusing.

Haldia Energy Limited, being located close to the Bay of Bengal, is faced with the daunting task of purifying saline river water for use in the process of power generation. River Hoogly is the source of all makeup water for Haldia Energy Limited. HEL has been consistently adopting state of art technology to surmount the myriad difficulties that are inherent to a plant located in the proximity of the coastal region.The Company optimizes its internal water use by recycling for multiple purposes and ensures water availability in the surrounding area for irrigation and drinking water as per the requirements of local communities and maintains specific water consumption levels below national standard of 3.5 Cubic Meter / MWh.

The plant is using river water which is very close to the sea. As such, the water gets highly saline during the peak summer season. HEL is using a UF-RO plant with seawater / brackish water membranes to handle very high chloride content water. The plant has a storage capacity of 750 cubic meters of RO permeated water.

HEL is continually improving on water usage efficiency by using the latest technologies, efficient equipment, treatment of effluents and reusing . Consumption has not increased in the last 5 years due to changes in technology adopted, strict monitoring for full utilization of treated wastewater as well as rainwater harvesting. All volatile treatment for boiler water has reduced the frequency of boiler water blowdown & corresponding loss. Added to that, stringent process parameter control and prevention of water/steam leakages has helped HEL reduce Specific Water Consumption figures. In the green building initiative, existing administrative building has been converted to a GREEN BUILDING with 30% water savings.

HEL has also implemented rainwater harvesting system in the plant to reduce the withdrawal of surface water which has been approved by Central Ground Water Board. HEL has a rain water storage capacity of 1 Lakh Cubic meter in two rainwater harvesting ponds.