Leadership commitment

The Leadership Team of HEL is focused on System, Structure and Strategy for better business and organizational communication.


HEL ensures leadership by being able to inspire others, motivate, set a vision, communicate, respect others' viewpoints, and of course, lead by example. The Leadership Team of HEL demonstrates these qualities that form the structure of the Organization. They are guided in their actions by the RPSG Group Core Values and believe in the principle of “Walk The Talk”.

The Leadership Team of HEL has been very focused in its approach not only in terms of scaling new heights in the business, but also in taking every employee along in the journey of the Growth story of the organization. People centricity has always been the practice at HEL and a derivative of this has been the long-term association that the employees have with the organization. The RPSG Group has 6 Core Values and while all the values are relevant in various contexts, it is the value of Humaneness, with which the employees associate their leaders the most.


Communication is the tool that the Leadership Team believes has the power to set everything right under various circumstances. The Leaders interact and reach out to the employees through various forums – MD’s Townhall Meeting, Plant Head Communication Meeting and  periodic plant visit by the top leadership etc. In such meetings they always ensure that transparency, cohesiveness and mutual trust prevails among people and that the entire team is kept updated about the holistic business scenario and organizational strategies. A dynamic Organization Structure that is complementary with the changing business scenario is in place which is reviewed yearly and if needed gets modified as per the requirement of the business.

The Leadership Team is also actively engaged in rewarding the employees at every instance of good job done or achievements.
The Leaders also play a crucial role in promoting Corporate Sustainability, Environment Protection, Safety of its people and rewards the behaviours supporting the above.

Environment protection is the prime focus of HEL. Leadership team has the vision to create a wide green belt around the plant which would create a positive impact on the surroundings along with stringent control on emission parameters. The green corridor within and around the periphery along with numerous efforts to protect the environment and biodiversity are achievements of Haldia Energy Limited.

Social Responsibility is an important area where HEL and the leadership team have envisaged and implemented remarkable initiatives for rehabilitation and the general socio-economic condition of the local people including education, health and women empowerment. The voluntary involvement of employees in various social initiatives has strengthened bonding with the surrounding communities.

Governance and administration is another pillar of success for HEL. The leadership team of HEL is consciously focusing on System, Structure, Strategy as well as Skill, Staff and Style to achieve the shared vision of the organization with maximum transparency. The Leaders are the role models who enumerate the core values of the organization and engage people through role modeling for creating and nurturing the next generation of leaders.