Asset Risk Management

Haldia Energy Limited believes that Asset Risk Management is an important part of any business and must be treated as such, in order to achieve the right balance between assessing risk and taking it.

At Haldia Energy Limited, risk Management Standards are designed to help employees not only to identify and manage the major engineering risks involving material and human elements but also what action plan one must follow in situations of crisis to prevent greater damage to the asset.

The Asset Maintenance & Reliability Management system captures and analyses innumerable data through cloud computing and big data analysis, providing a complete picture of plant health. Digital models are built using sensor data so that a predictive maintenance strategy can be developed and implemented.

Strict maintenance standard

At HEL, maintenance involves functional checks, monitoring, testing, measuring, servicing, repairing, or replacing of necessary equipment / infrastructure and supporting utilities so that assets can perform the required functions and achieve the intended service  objectives throughout the expected life of the asset.
HEL is using an integrated suite of software and sensors to build an Asset Performance Management (APM) portal, which brings in a systematic methodology for decision making, supported by advanced analytics to assess Asset Health Index, Maintenance Index, Estimated Residual Life, Criticality Index, Probability of Failure and Risk Index. The holistic and risk-calculated intelligent asset strategies of APM help to achieve a balance between performance and cost by considering design, operational procedures, and maintenance plans for all assets at HEL.

Disaster Management Plan

Haldia Energy Limited has an exhaustive Disaster Management Plan as per requirements of the Disaster Management Act 2005 and National Policy on Disaster Management 2009. The plan has been carefully crafted to map all controllable and uncontrollable disasters associated to plant operation and means to avoid/ mitigate the risks involved. HEL is in synergy with the neighboring plants for a collective effort for fighting large disasters and also for mutual support. Regular trials and mock drills are ensured for smooth implementation.

Digital Security

As the world steps into Industry 4.0, HEL is also preparing for the same.IoT based monitoring systems and Big Data Analysis is implemented for optimal use of generation assets to increase the efficiency of production.
In parallel to the various digital initiatives, HEL is also carefully alive to the digital security threats. To protect the operating system & assets from cyber-attack, in line with CEA (Ministry of Power, Govt. of India) regulations, HEL has identified its Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) and  implementied its Cyber Crisis Management Plan(CCMP) involving security audit, vulnerability assessment & penetration testing of the identified CII.
ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) is also being implemented in this Generating Station.