The sustainability initiatives of Haldia Energy Limited integrates Economic progress, Social responsibility and Environmental concerns with an objective of improving quality of life.

Haldia Energy Limited always believe in inclusive growth which is not complete without people and nature around us. Environment and Locality has been among the focal agendas of the plant when it comes to sustainability. Managing assets are also given emphasis to achieve uncompromised reliability.

Environment Management

HEL has been proactive in exploring best practices in environment management. We have also set our own innovative practices which have been examples to the neighbouring industries.

Social Welfare & Responsibility

HEL focuses on a holistic socio-economic development of the local communities around plant. Positive relationships that are built with constructive engagement enhances the economic, social and cultural well-being of individuals and regions connected to our activities.

Occupational Health & Safety

HEL place highest priority on the health and safety of our workforce, on the protection of our human assets.

Safety Practices

HEL puts emphasis on sustenance of the interdependent safety culture and continual improvement of work safety performance of the organization.

Employee Welfare

HEL promotes an environment that helps to develop a sense of connection, belongingness and a well-developed support system to bind the employees together towards achievement.

Learning & development

In HEL, we strives to Develop and Empower a capable and motivated workforce through our L & D Interventions, which not only aids our employees in their current task in hand, but also makes them ready for the future challenges.

Quality Assurance

Quality, Environment, and OHSAS policies of HEL are aligned with the core values of the RP-SG group and building the foundation of the company’s Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy.

Asset Management

HEL adopts appropriate mechanism for evaluation of strategic risk elements and requirement of mitigation provisions.

Digital Initiatives

HEL has been using Digital interventions to address emerging challenges and exploit new opportunities.