Educational Projects

Haldia Energy Limited takes a lead role in supporting local children getting good education.

HEL gives support to students from backward families to pursue higher education. 'Project Kiron' aims at handholding potentially bright students for better education with voluntary contribution by the officers.

The Education Facilitators Centres (EFC) were started for the performing students to receive timely and additional coaching support and involvement in extracurricular activities. These EFC's helped the students to develop interest in education and perform comparatively better in the class assessments.

HEL also extends  coaching to less performing children who face challenges in primary education and build capacity for the school dropouts to continue education and engage in learning activities to bring down dropouts to a minimum.

HEL is also promoting digital learning with introduction of digital Smart Board & developing  fully functional computer laboratories. The introduction of Smart Boards was the first of its kind in the government aided schools in Haldia. The Computer learning laboratories in Higher secondary schools have enhanced the computer literacy among the students.

HEL took initiatives to help rebuilding primary schools in the locality.


For School Infrastructure support,HEL is committed not only for construction of new class rooms and playgrounds but  also working closely with the school authorities to develop the school as per guidelines of West Bengal’s Nirmal Vidyalaya.The school walls are painted with pictorial educational information related to  science, history, geography, etc. which makes the students  more interested in learning.The teachers are also provided with the latest skills to teach children and help them develop educational materials from waste and local materials.