HEL adheres to emission norms and has advanced monitoring systems in place to monitor & control various  parameters on real time basis.

Haldia Energy Limited adheres to emission norms and has advanced monitoring systems in place at its generating station.Modern air pollution control systems have been installed.Various emission levels are monitored & controlled on a continuous basis.  This is in addition to Electrostatic Precipitators  with more than 99.9% efficiency designed to maintain the Suspended Particulate Matter below permissible level.

Stack Emissions

Apart from real time monitoing,emission from  stack is measured on a monthly basis by NABL accredited laboratories. The West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) also measures emission periodically.  The 275 meter high chimney reduces ground-level concentrations of pollutants.

Innovative practices like Ammonia dosing in ESP and tuning of ESP field parameters have not only successfully contained emission values well below CPCB published norms but have also resulted in substantial savings in Auxiliary Power Consumption.

CO2 Emission

The CO2 emission intensity for Haldia Energy Limited has shown a consistent decreasing trend owing to aggressive reduction targets and mitigation initiatives. Reduction of energy consumption, improving cycle efficiency and numerous innovative process controls have been adopted to keep CO2 emissions as minimum as possible.

Ambient Air quality

Ambient air quality is continuously monitored and reported to statutory authority. Telescopic chutes installed for dry fly ash unloading from silos successfully restrict any fugitive emission during ash evacuation operations, thus maintaining a clean working environment.

The green belt of HEL has over 100,000 plants providing the project area and its surroundings a verdant, lush green look. Dry fog dust suppression systems have been installed at all transfer and unloading points of the coal handling plant to restrict fugitive dust emission during coal unloading and conveying operations.