Occupational Health

Haldia Energy Limited is always concerned about the health of its employees.

Health Initiatives helthpic1

Haldia Energy Limited has a well-documented system of Occupational Health Management. Health and safety of  employees is the top most priority. During hazard identification and risk assessment, health related  hazards related to dust, noise and  arising out of various maintenance activities are  identified and accordingly, appropriate Health & Safety measures are devised to mitigate these hazards.

Various Workplace Wellness Programs are organized through different medical camps & by external professionals on Diabetes, Yoga, Food habits, Bones & Joints, Eye Check-Up ,Dental Check-up ,Snake bite etc. HEL has fully equipped ambulance with bed-side monitoring equipment, Oxygen cylinders, artificial breathing unit and other life support equipment for transferring the critical casualties to emergency medical centres.


Clinical examinations like measurement of body height and weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) are carried out twice every year. Pathological (Blood) tests, Lung Function Test (Spirometry), Hearing Function Test (Audiometry), Electrocardiography (ECG) and Eye examinations are conducted once every year. Chest X-Ray is conducted at three-year intervals.


Our Occupational Health Centre, equipped with modern facilities,is manned by a full time doctor and  pharmacists.

Combating Covid-19

HEL is continuously working to support its employees during the ongoing pandemic. A strict system is in place to ensure that COVID protection measures are being followed. HEL has also carried out site audit by officers of Fatories Directorate,Govt. of WB, in terms of Covid preparation. Following measures have been implemented:

  • Display of proper hand wash techniques at all available hand washing stations.
  • Repeated emphasis on the fact that hand wash is superior to hand sanitization.
  • Encouraging people to use liquid soap for handwash.
  • Social distancing norms inside factory extended from 6ft to 12 ft.
  • All office rooms are made cross ventilated.
  • Essential routine meeting attendance limited to 4 people.
  • Reduced foot fall by man power rescheduling.
  • Extensive counselling of employees from beginning of pandemic.
  • Mask and Sanitizer distribution among all.
  • Frequent cleaning and mopping of office and facilities with sanitizing chemicals.
  • Creating work from home facility through VPN communication.
  • Sanitization of workmen facilities and colonies.
  • Creating facilities for isolation and sanitization of  external materials.
  • Separate truck sanitization station.
  • Creating separate resting space  for external drivers.